The Root of Satori Coaching: 

"in each of us is our own unique ability to grow our vision of life". 

Business and Personal Results Coach - Madelyn Hamilton

Satori Coaching is founded on a belief that each person has their own answer. Sometimes help is needed during discovery - but the answer is there.   While the past has led to this moment, it is not what defines the future.   The present is when we get to choose how we think and feel – to grow the inner smile that comes from living a life on purpose. 

Whether you’re assessing a personal journey or a business venture – working with Satori Coaching can help clarify your direction. 

Through active listening and powerful questioning – coach Madelyn Hamilton focuses on the “Who” and “What” to get to the “How”.  She works with you to create clarity and discipline so that you may understand what it is you truly want to accomplish. 

You can count on Satori Coaching to provide kind but honest feedback in a confidential environment that adheres to the International Coaching Federation’s Code of Ethics.

To come to your Satori or learn more – email or call 289.292.3079.


Satori Coaching Business Pillars


The four pillars of Satori Coaching are Kindness, Truth, Inspiration, and Transformation.

These values reflect the driving force of Satori Coaching and what is left in its wake.


Satori Coaching Commitment


You can trust that your business and personal matters will be handled professionally

with kindness, truth and the utmost discretion.

The outcome will be inspiration and transformation; the end result will be relevant to you.  



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